Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A momentous day!!

Today was a momentous day in our home building process!!

So, you may ask, what happened? Is the home complete? Did you break ground? What huge and exciting event occurred?!

Well... our plans were officially approved by the county!!! Huzzah!! 

Ok, that may not sound too exciting to you. And truthfully, I don't think it would be that exciting to us either - if it had happened a month or two ago. But holy moly has this taken longer than expected! We closed on our land at the end of July, and the plans were submitted in early August. We waited... and waited... got rejected... waited for the engineer and county to go back and forth... and back and forth again... heard we should be approved.... waited a little bit more... then finally today, October 10, we got this email: 

SUCCESS!!! After all that waiting, it's made this approval seem like a pretty big deal! 

Bryan called me from Disney World once we heard. That's right, he's in Disney World for work this week. Tonight he has a beer & wine event at Epcot, then they get extra hours at the park after it closes. Sounds a little more exciting than my night of Trader Joe's sushi and tv with the critters on the couch, but hey, I'm not complaining! Plus look how cute these guys are watching tv together (apologies for the ugly low light phone pic... and all the shoes in the background-that part's all Smokey's doing):

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