Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ideas for displaying your holiday cards

How do you display your holiday cards? My parents have this wooden reindeer cardholder that I've always loved. He's about 4 ft tall and has slats in his antlers where you can stick the cards. We bought him at a Christmas craft fair when I was 13 - which I specifically remember because I got the 12 & under children's discount from a little old man trying to be nice. I've been 5'8" since I was 11, so no one ever actually mistook me for being younger than I was, but it still made me irritated ("OMG, I'm a teenager, not a child!!"). So that's what I remember from the craft fair - getting the card reindeer, getting the children's discount, and also getting some yummy peppermint hot cocoa. Funny what sticks with you a decade and a half later!

So back to the point...what do you do with your cards? Since we've been living in our condo, I've just been sticking them on the fridge. You can't get much more boring than that. This year on a whim when we got our first two cards in earlier this week, I decided to string them up on the back of the front door with some twine. It's not exactly going to win any awards for creativity, but it took less than 5 minutes, and it's a definite improvement over the fridge. (I may need to update this once we've gotten some more cards in - it's looking a little sad at the moment!)

After I set up our little card contraption, I started looking around at some other ideas... since of course next year, in our new house, I'm going to be a lot more on top of my decorating (at least that's the plan...). Here are some other ideas from around the blogosphere...

Display your Christmas cards on a ladder with twine and clothespins!
Hang your cards on a ladder - A Night Owl

Hang with ribbon and clothespins - The Anderson Crew

A fun way to display holiday cards...hang garland around your doorway and place cards throughout it. Add pinecones, berries or lights to make it feel even more festive!
Put them on garland around a doorway - Bright Bold & Beautiful
Or on garland down the stairs - Martha Stewart

Create tinsel card garlands - Martha Stewart

Foam board covered w fabric. Pin Christmas cards to it!  I really LOVE this idea !!!  I'm always looking for different ideas for Christmas card displays, other than hanging them on the stair banister or on the fireplace mantel. This could be placed on the mantel, making it nicer than just putting cards on it.  Or I can temporarily replace wall art/photos with these boards for the season!
Pin them to fabric-covered foam board - Pens and Needles

Hang Christmas cards on winter berry branches. Materials:  Branches  Base container  Stones  Ribbons  xmas cards  Hole punch  Beads    1. Weigh down base with stones. Add water for berry branches. Insert branches.  2. Punch holes in the cards.  3. String ribbon through the hole and some beads. Tie the ribbon into a bow.   4. Arrange on tree.
Make a card tree - Martha Stewart

Hang them on Christmas lights - Swoon!

Make a clothespin wreath - Martha Stewart

hanging from office window
Hang them on chains with bells & ornaments - Centsational Girl

Hang ribbons on your doors - Country Living

Take a spool of Christmas ribbon. Tie it around all the upper kitchen cabinets…knot inside the cabinet. Clip cards with clothes pins to ribbon.To conserve ribbon use painters tape on the inside of the cabinet to secure the ribbon.
Or ribbons on your cabinets - Greener Grass

String wall christmas tree
Create Christmas string art - My Poppet

Make a cork strip - Unknown source (please tell me if you know!)
What's your favorite way to display your cards?? I'm also curious - do any of you skip displaying them? Maybe you just open the card to find out that Great Aunt Bertha says Merry Christmas, and then immediately chuck it or stick it in the mail pile till the holidays are over?


  1. These are great ideas and beautiful designs. They are so simple, yet they look so amazing. I think I like the chains with cards, bells, and ornaments. That is a very stylish idea. Right now I just put cards standing up on my television, bookshelf, and fireplace mantle. I think I may try some of these ideas!

    1. I think I may try some of them out too - and I also like the one with the chains a lot! Have a merry Christmas, Beverly!!

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