Tuesday, September 17, 2013

FMS Photo-A-Day Summer Wrap-up

Guess who hasn't done a monthly photo-a-day wrap-up since May?!? Oops.  In an effort to get fully caught up and avoid doing several of these in a row, today I'm presenting you with this post that is chock full o' photo vomit. 92 pictures, 3 lists of prompts. A jumble of far more photos that anyone could wish to process.  But I like having these as a record and it keeps me accountable - and believe me, I need it, since I'm not staying on top of this so well!!
June photo-a-day pictures (in order from #1-30)

July photo-a-day pictures (#1-31)

August photo-a-day pictures (#1-31)

I got so behind in August (and September) that I gave up posting on Instagram. I didn't want to inundate my poor followers' feeds with a month's worth of photos, so I just stored all the belated photos privately and have just started back up on Instagram with today's photo. Hopefully, I'll stay on track better now!

Learn more about the challenge here, and follow me on Instagram @jdeares! Anyone else doing a photo a day challenge? Are you doing a better job with it than I am?!


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