Wednesday, April 17, 2013

{House update} The first floor takes shape

Our visit to the site last weekend was by far the most exciting yet. With the exception of the back wall of the family room, the first floor had been all framed out. We could walk around the first floor and see how big each of the rooms are and start to imagine ourselves living there. We'll walk in through the garage, and throw our stuff in the laundry room. Here's the window above the sink that I'll be staring through when I wash dishes. Wow, this pantry is huge; will we ever have that much food in the house? And although the basement has been done for a little while now, this is the first chance we had to actually walk through it since the outside stairs had been added.

View from the sidewalk

From the back of the house

Stairs to the basement

It rained the day before, so the basement is a little wet. Although apparently it's really common for basements to flood during construction (eek!)

Looking at the basement door

Bryan walking in through the garage

The back wall of the family room, which hadn't been put up yet

Side yard


Looking up through the basement, from where the stairs will be eventually
And over there will be the...[whatever he happened to be pointing out]

The foyer

View from the front again. Isn't it a big front yard? We'll have to figure out how to landscape this beast!
I started drafting this post just planning on covering our visit last weekend, but I did a quick drive by today, and they've already made so much more progress! It looks like a whole house now! I stopped quickly to get a picture from my car, and they were still working at 6pm (awfully late for a construction crew, right?). That guy on the roof (see him up there on the left?) shouted helloooo! and waved at me, haha. I wonder if he guessed I'm the homeowner or just thought I was some weird chick with a thing for new construction.


  1. Yikes! How exciting! Cannot wait to see more pics when you finally move in.