Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Valentine's Door Hanger

If you follow me on Instagram (@jdeares), you may have gotten a sneak peak of this project over the weekend. I submitted a pic of it for A Night Owl blog's #ANOweekend project since this weekend's theme was handmade. Check out A Night Owl's Instagram section if you're not familiar with the project - there's a new theme each weekend, and it's always a lot of fun!

As you can probably tell, this was a very simple project, and it cost me a whopping total of $1.39 - with plenty of leftover supplies.


  • Scrapbook paper (I got this key paper on clearance at Michael's in a pack of 5 sheets for $.75)
  • Ribbon (also from Michael's - it was $.59)
  • Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Scissors

You can probably guess my basic process just from looking at it, but here's what I did - I searched online for a heart shape, then just copied it into a Word doc. I made three different sizes of hearts, then printed it out on the cardstock. I glued them onto the scrapbook paper and cut out the hearts. I could have easily fit all 3 hearts onto 1 piece of the scrapbook paper, but ended up using 2 since my paper had gotten kind of crinkled at the bottom. I used the end of my scissors to poke small holes at the top and bottom of each heart, then stuck the ribbon through it. Then I just tied a bow at the top to finish it up.

I think it turned out pretty well! I was happy with the key paper - I think it has a cool, kind of vintage-y look to it, and I also like that it's a more understated Valentine's decoration. It's also very lightweight, so it's easy to hang on your door or wall.


  1. Cute! Pinning this! I like that it's not the traditional red/pink/white.

    1. Thanks, Bridget!! Yeah I wanted to do something that was Valentinesy (I think I just made that word up), but a little more subtle. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

  2. So simple and elegant! Beautifully done!

  3. Love this idea! Very cute :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-)