Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Huzzah!! We have a building permit!

Wow, it has been a looooong time since I've actually had an update on the house. We've been waiting on the building permit for ages! We thought we'd have it in December at least, but after the first review, the county apparently had some major questions. Our builder resubmitted before the holidays, but then of course, nothing gets done over the holidays, then the county was backed up from the holidays allll through January. Lately, we've been pestering our builder, and our builder's been pestering the county, and today, finally, we got this in an email from our builder:

We celebrated with some champagne! I posted this on Vine - are you using Vine? If so, find me at Jess - Homevolution and I'll follow you back!


Ecstatic to be writing such a 'small'
check to the county for sewer fees

Turns out we celebrated just a little too early. When our builder went to get the permit, we found out we were already supposed to have paid our sewer fees and submitted the easement paperwork. And of course, they hadn't recorded the fact that we didn't need to pay an extra $15k fee - a surprise we discovered way, way back here. They wouldn't let the builder rep pick up the permit until we got all of that settled, but luckily it only took another couple of days, and we reconfirmed that the $15k fee wasn't needed (phew!).

So a few days after we thought we were getting it, we finally got this thing:

Even though we popped that champagne a little early, it turns out it wasn't a big deal and didn't hold us up too much at all. So once again - huzzah, we have a building permit!


  1. Visiting from Hump Day Hop - I skipped to your latest home post to see where you are. We are getting ready to remodel our kitchen, and that is leaving my head spinning - I can't imagine planning a whole house! Looking forward to following along.

    1. Thanks, Dana! Yeah it has been stressful but exciting - and I am overdue for an update - we now have a basement! Have a great weekend, and good luck with the upcoming kitchen remodel!!